My Services

My specialty in Interfaith Wedding Ceremony includes:

• Christian
• Judeo-Christian
• Civil
• Same Sex Marriage
• Commitment Ceremony
• Renewal of Wedding Vows

I also perform:

• Child’s Name – Giving ceremony
• Bereavement and Committal Services
I may be available in a Judicial Robe, Formal Attire or very Casual for Beach Settings.

I can be available most any time and always arrive 30 min. prior to the Ceremony so I may consult with the Bride & Groom about any last minute details.

Ceremony Outline

Introduction – Officiant welcomes guests

Giving of Bride * – Officiant asks who presents hand of Bride in Marriage to Groom

Pledge – Officiant asks couple’s intention of marriage to each other

Reading * – Officiant /Reader – Can be Prayer, Poem, vocal or Instrumental

Vows – Officiant or Couple – Promises and words of expression to each other

Exchanging of Rings – Officiant & Couple – Officiant explains symbol of Rings and Couple Express devotion to each other

Child Gift Ceremony * – Officiant/Couple & Children Acknowledgement of children in marriage

Reading * Officiant / Reader – Prayer or Poem etc …

Special Services * Officiant /Couple/Other – Unity Candle, Sand,Or Hand Ceremony,Wine or Breaking of Glass etc…

Special Remembrances * Officiant/Couple or Guest – Recognition of departed members Of family and friends

Closing & Declaration of Marriage-Officiant – Declaring couple married according to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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